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FHP Magnesium Chloride Is 100% Natural And Formulated In Europe. It Helps In The Treatment To Restore Cellular Magnesium Level & To Facilitate Safe Detoxification From Human Body. FHP Magnesium Chloride Is Helpful In The Treatment To Relief Joints Pain, Body Aches, Spasm & Stress, To Maintain Proper Muscle Function,To Boost Energy Level, To Calm Overactive Nerves And To Improve Quality Of Sleep. FHP Magnesium Chloride Is A Helping Aid In Psoriasis, Eczema And Other Skin Conditions. FHP Magnesium Chloride Assists To Maintain The Healthy Skin Tissues.


FHP CALCIUM TABLET Helps In Building And Maintaining Strong & Healthy Bones In The Body. It Helps To Make Our Teeth Strong, Thus Preventing Dental Problems. Calcium Is Essential For Our Body. FHP Calcium Tablet Helps To Protect From High Blood Pressure,Heart Attack And Premenstrual Syndrome.FHP Calcium Tablet Is Enriched With Calcium & Vitamin-D.It Assists To Increase Bone Density & To Reduce The Risk Of Osteoporosis.FHP Calcium Tablet Is Beneficial For Men & Women Of All Ages & Children To Keep Bones Strong.


FHP WHEAT GRASS TABLET Is Enriched With Effective Vitamin-A , B-17, C, E, B- Complex,Proteins,Minerals, Amino Acids, Chlorophyll Etc.Ingredients.FHP Wheat Grass Tablet Is Helpful In The Treatment Of Liver, Blood Sugar,Skin,Constipation, Uterus Cells,Cholesterol,Intestine & Blood Pressure.FHP Wheat Grass Tablet Assists To Treat Joints Pain,Gout,Digestion,Hair,Cough,Cold,Bronchitis,Fever & To Maintain Good Health.A Balanced Herbal Supplement FHP Wheat Grass Tablet Is Highly Nutritious To Detoxify The Body & To Boost Energy Naturally.


FHP AEROBIC OXYGEN Is A Stabilized Negative Lons Of Oxygen In A Liquid Form. It Is A Dietary Supplement Product & Helpful In The Treatment To Get Good Health,To prevent Side Effects And To Regenerate Energy. FHP Aerobic Oxygen Is An Unique Healer, Cleanser & A Good Energy Source For Body Cells Which Is Helpful To Enhance The Oxygen Into Blood Circulation.FHP Aerobic Oxygen Helps To Rejuvenate The Body Cells What It Needs To Heal Itself. It Is Safe, Non-Toxic & Has No Side - Effects.


FHP Rice Bran Oil It Is A Nutritious Edible Oil Extracted From Most Nutritious Oily Brown Layer Of Rice Known As Rice Bran. The Product Contains High Levels Of Oryzanol As It Is Refined Through Patented Process Of Physical Refining Where No Harsh Chemicals Used. International Research Studies Have Proven Many Health Benefits Of Oryzanol. Which Assists To Keep Heart Healthy. Fortified With Vitamin A, D2, Digestive Nutrients & Anti-oxidants. Recommended For Cooking & Deep Frying Due To Its Less Absorpation In Food & Less Smoke Quitting Oil. It Helps To Keep Natural Taste Of Food.


Fhp Shaki Ras Described In Ayurveda And Tested By Ayurvedacharyas, Fhp Shakti Ras Is A Wonderful Product To Increase Physical Energy And Enthusiasm. This Pure Ayurvedic Juice Helps In Rejuvenating The Physical Physique By Providing Nutrition Under The Treatment Of Physical Weakness, Mental Apathy, Digestive System, Burning Sensation And Irritability. It Is A Wonderful Healthy Juice Formulated By A Combination Of Herbal Extracts To Maintain Immunity, Maintain Normal Weight By Nourishing Physical Health And Useful For Physical Health.



It Is Very Helpful In The Treatment To Control Diabetes, Arthritis, Asthma, Blood Pressure Levels, Cholestrol Levels, Heart Ailments, Constipation, Sprains, Bruises, Dandruff, To Improve Hair Strength & Immune System. Fhp Flax Seed Capsule Is Helpful In The Treatment To Cure Digestive System With Its Essential Enzymes, To Improve The Intestinal Related Function Which Is Helpful To Treat Constipation, Piles & Warts Etc. Problems. Fhp Flaxseed Oil Soft Gel Capsule Helps In The Treatment To Relief From Menstrual Cramps, To Improve Memory And Heart Muscles, To Enhance The Level Of Good Cholesterol Means HDL And Reduces The Bad Cholesterol.


FHP Apple Cider Vinegar Is A Well Known Food Supplement Beneficial For Overall Body Wellness. FHP Apple Cider Vinegar Is Manufactured With Fermented Natural Himalayan Apple Juice Under Scientifically Optimized Process.FHP Apple Cider Vinegar Is Helpful & Assist In The Treatment To Maintain pH Balance In Stomach. FHP Apple Cider Vinegar Helps In The Treatment To Improve Fat Metabolism, To Flush Out Toxins, To Improve Blood Circulation, To Manage Hunger & To Keep Body Fit & Active.


FHP OMEGA EXECL PLUS SOFT GEL CAPSULE Is Enriched With Valuable Omega-3-DPA,EPA & Vitamin-E Etc.Ingredients For Enhancing The Working Of Whole Body Systems During The Treatment Of Various Health Problems. Its Nutrients & Omega-3 Fatty Acid Are Helpful In The Treatment Of Heart Problems, Blood Pressure, Blood Clots In Veins, Arthritis Pain & Inflamation, Asthma, Cancer, Tension, Memory, Symptoms Of Arthritis & Other Health Problems.


Fhp Alkaline Drops Is The Concentrated Form Of Anti Oxidants And Various Minerals. Fhp Alkaline Drops Has The Speciality To Make Recovery Faster Regarding Any Ailment In The Human Body, For Which It Is Meant For. Fhp Alkaline Drops Is Highly Effective And Useful During The Times, While Preventing Diseases. Fhp Alkaline Drops Is Very Helpful And Useful (While Treating), In The Treatment Of The Problems Of Insomnia (Lack Of Sleep). Fhp Alkaline Drops Is Very Helpful In Providing Stress Relief. Fhp Alkaline Drops Is Useful In Reducing Excessive Body Weight. Fhp Alkaline Drops Is Also Effective In The Treatment Of Maintaining The Proper Weight Balance Of The Body.


Garden Fresh Strong And Refreshing Fhp Green Tea Tested, Checked & Tasted By Tea Experts. It Is An Unique Gift Of Nature Which Helps To Promote Freshness, Activeness & Alertness. Fhp Green Tea Is Rich In Natural Source Of Health Beneficiary Oxygen Radicals & Antioxidants Called Catechin (Flavonoids). Fhp Green Tea Contains Anti Ageing Ingredients, Vitamin – C & Vitamin – E. EGCG Etc. Excellent Oxidants Which Help To Relax & Soothe. Fhp Green Tea Is Best To Use Without Milk After Meal And Can Enjoy Fhp Green Tea During Any Time In The Day With Honey Or Any Sweetener As Per Taste.


FHP Colostrum Tablet Are 100 % Natural & Enriched With Beneficial & Effective Food Nutrients . These Are Formulated With Natural Nano -Technology From The First Milking Of Cow. Obtained After The Six Hours Of Calf Birth. FHP First 6 Hours Colostrum 2300 NG/G Of Igf-1,1.9% Lactoferrin, 25% Immunoglobulins And 24 % Proline - Rich Polypeptides Etc. Constitutes. FHP First 6 Hours FHP Colostrum Tablet Protect And Insure Bio Availability Without Natural Chymosin Coating Protection, If Can Be Destroyed By Stomach Acids And Offer Limited Benefits. Fhp First 6 Hour’s FHP Colostrum Tablet Are Contains USDA Grade A (United States) Bovine Colostrum That Is BSE ,Antibiotic, Pesticide And Hormone Free Which IS Tested As Organic. FHP Company Use Only The First 6 Hours‘ Milking Of Cow Colostrum To Guarantee Potency, Quality, Fully Pure & Natural In All Aspects. Fhp First 6 Hour’s Colostrum Tablets Are Helpful In The Treatment To Enhance Physical, Mental Performance, Strength, Stamina, Energy & Physical Health, To Rejuvenate, To Regenerate Body Cells & Tissues, To Improve Immune System, To Protect From Premature Ageing Symptoms.